Review: Dating-ish Penny Reid

As soon as I finished reading it, “WOW” was all I had in my mind. This book was so much more than I was expecting, even from Penny Reid. It’s without a doubt my new favorite read of hers. It seriously blew my mind – I don’t know how to describe my immense love for this book!! The powerful message, wonderful writing, heartfelt characters, and laugh-out-loud humor all made Dating-ish one of the best books I’ve read this year.

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I should probably talk about the plot. This book opens with Marie going on an internet date, meeting a stranger and it just goes completely wrong in every possible way. Like it is literally her worst date EVER. As a result of this Marie decides to do research for an article on alternatives to men.

It’s not contrived or over the top. These characters are developed and shaped, given life one word at a time in the most exemplary way. Matt is a wonderfully complex character.

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Every moment spent with them was so much fun. There’s something whole pure about the romance that Penny Reid writes. It’s a sort of perfect fantasy that somehow also seems simple and real. I FEEL it when her characters fall in love. Down to my very soul, and when each book ends it’s like the story has taken control of every part of me. The hardest part of finishing her books is knowing that the feelings I have at that very moment won’t stay.

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The book is an ode to Jew­ish men’s open­ness, sex­u­al prowess and all-around excel­lence. But it best serves as a snarky sur­vival guide to our cul­tur­al mores. Both fun­ny and provoca­tive, the book draws from exten­sive inter­views and Grish’s own Hebrew-cen­tric dat­ing life.

Dating-ish comes armed with an adorkable couple, a tight-knit circle of friends (See what I did there?), and an abundance of romantic comedy charm. But then her irritating date resurfaces. And he’s not at all the person she thought he was.

This wonderfully weird couple will explore together the modern age aspects of dating and/or the solutions to today’s humans loneliness. This was the scene that bothered me A LOT. The first 20% of the book are about the technicalities of AI, their uses and how to integrate them into society. There is a lot of talk about the pros and cons between main and side characters and I have to admit that it felt a little slow for that part of the story. It did pick up, however, and developed into an incredibly smart and very relevant tale. The different dating alternatives tested by them were creative, unique, and loaded with humor.

He’s passionate about his research & believes machines can help humans. He eventually begins to grow on her & they strike up a mutually beneficial deal. She realizes her first impression of him was wrong.

While researching, her date reappears, and he’s not the man she met on that disastrous date. And he may have a solution to her dating problem…. Matt and Marie’s connection, their chemistry, their dynamic steals the air right out of your lungs. Matt’s a complex, broken man and he RUINS YOU. He makes you want to wrap your arms around him and snuggle him forever. He’s had a childhood that’s been devoid of love. And the way Marie responds to that brokenness will set your pulse racing.