Let me make it clear on how to fix Wildblue Exede satellite internet


You need to make sure signal goes over and not through the obstacle if you have trees on the way or trees are close to dish location. To do you need to understand your satellite meal angle or elevation. Use an on-line calculator for that.

When you figured the level, get right behind the use and antenna inclinometer or you sharp eye. The horizon should be at 0В° therefore the greatest point in the skies will soon be 90В°. Extend your supply and aim in the centre, you ought to be considering 45В° level. Needless to say, inclinometer provides you with alot more results that are accurate your eyesight is only going to offer you an estimate. Verify, the reflector surface does not have any dents. Also tiny dent can alter or affect signal beam.

Next, verify that your meal antenna mounting is solid. With dish being attached to the roof or even the side of your house, grab the mounting leg amongst the base and also the meal and do a test that is push-and-pull.

Dish must not go, if it moves (usually) up and decreases after force launch, many likely mounting bolts got loose in the long run as well as your satellite antenna just isn’t aligned with satellite correctly. In the event the satellite antenna is attached to fascia board, connected to deck or 4×4′ wood post – that’s the key supply of your dilemmas. Satellite internet antenna should not be installed on areas stated earlier!

I might personally suggest having a professional to turn out, secure the meal and realign it at this time. For those who have no choices to have some body on the market, you could continue with careful attention. Keep in mind, that you will be responsible for any injuries or equipment damages if you do. Information provided listed here is for academic just use.

Old dishes that are wildbluenot Exede) could possibly be aligned just with analog sign meters. Birddogs among others will likely not work. Channel Master (or simular) with analog scale and tone could be the one you want to do the job.

Wildblue installers that are certified this meter along with an instrument called Aiming help. This device will separate beams that are unwanted just allow the sign of one’s beam to endure. You will be found in the center of this beam or you might be into the area where 3 satellites spot beams overlap each over. Nonetheless, individual screening results reveal that dish could be completely aligned with only a sign meter alone.


Making use of Channel Master Signal meter, disconnect Rx cable through the TRIA which can be situated on the right part (if you should be standing behind the antenna) and contains a red tape upon it.

Plug it in to the sign meter barrel marked SAT Rx. This may power the meter through the modem. With quick jumper cable link meter slot called LNB aided by the TRIA Rx slot. Essentially, you merely want the sign meter be when you look at the sign path. Keep green cable, Tx line attached to TRIA. At this point, your sign meter is driven on and you ought to somewhere see the pointer regarding the scale. Drive the key for the sound (if any present) and adjust the gain to be at approximately 80% from the scale.

Get behind the meal and perform (really light) push and pull test simply by using your hands. Get left-to-right and spot the sound pitch. The higher the pitch, the greater. Then, repeat the test and tsdating log in push and up pull for and down direction. If throughout the test you have access to also small gain in sign, dish should really be realigned to obtain 100% positioning.

Wildblue satellite meal tuning that is fine finished with fine changes bolts.

For level fine tuning, take it easy 2 bolts for each part and allow the meal remainder for a plastic rod that is black. It’s your elevation adjustment that is fine pole. Turn the bolt in any event and obtain it towards the true point where in actuality the pitch are at greatest. Secure the part bolts.

For azimuth tuning that is fine take it easy 4 bolts situated underneath the dish, than utilize fine adjustment bolt to fine tune the azimuth. Secure the dish bolts.

Perform push and pull test after every one of the bolts are guaranteed. You ought to hear the pitch to drop whenever you pull in the meal reflector in every way. If you don’t and pitch goes up although you pulling regarding the meal, you’ll want to duplicate alignment procedure.

When finished, link the Rx cable returning to TRIA. Return back in and test thoroughly your satellite net connection. Enjoy light will blink 2 after which three times per 2nd and then it must stick to.