Nevertheless waiting on a romantic date for the adjudicator to my hearing

I’ve gotten a repayment from Northway and that’s without formally submitting my papers to OAFS. It wasn’t through to the OAFS emailed them they came ultimately back by having an offer. ВЈ500 plus compose offs of ВЈ850 we ended up beingn’t happy therefore told them so OAFS chases them once again and finally got ВЈ850 additionally the ВЈ850 write offs! Have always been delighted cash within my account and certainly will move on finally. OAFS had been great, I experienced delivered them emails that I had to Northway and so they had been like let’s chase them up before we get down the formal route. I really could have waited it away for a couple hundred pound more but I’m delighted! So stick them and saying you haven’t had responses and your are submitting a formal complaint to OAFS and they try and help with action before then with it everyone and the OAFs are super helpful so worth emailing.

martin bonnet says

We have spoken to OAFS there have actually sent e-mail to northway and explained if no response or offer they will certainly simply take it further they will have offered them 1 week to reply them 8 weeks ago so hope they say i owe ВЈ600 which unsure about as thought paid them but hope they will make a offer as i said emailed

Hi there I’ve possessed a mediation offer, has anybody experienced this procedure? We noticed a youthful post that mentioned they cancelled your day before, just wondering whether this really is standard or a real mediation session usually takes destination, and in case it goes ahead – what goes on? Thanks

Had verification through the OAFS in Malta that the Arbiter to my hearing is November 14th.

A complaint was sent by me about swiftsterling to northway about three months ago but no reaction. Is northway the contact that is first ? We have just delivered email that is same swift sterling. Complaints.

I experienced a complete of 43 loans ? With poundstillpayday from 2007-2010 included rolling over every with a total of ВЈ5503 in interest paid month. I’ve submitted a grievance to northway that they ignored, therefore contacted OAFs whom then emailed Northway and in just a hours that are few had emailed me personally asking me personally to re ahead the grievance and they’re going to consider it with utmost attention. This really is before any fee has been paid by me to OAFs. We question We will be extremely effective as all pre 2011 but the following is hoping. I did so the exact same with Payday British whom took 2 months and offered me a reimbursement of ВЈ4K that I accepted. The loans had been all taken during the time that is same PTPD ones therefore we shall see just what happens…. Has anybody had complaints upheld for loans pre 2011?

martin bonnet says

I recently had an answer from northway offering to close my balance which i though had been compensated in complete but no reimbursement therefore have actually delivered them a contact stating will except a offer that i put see if they’re going to react or even OAFS can look involved with it and certain will recieve more

Any fortune using the negotiations?

A reply has been received by me off Northway about my pre 2011 loans fundamentally stating that they usually have acted fairly as there clearly was no dependence on affordability tests pre 2011. In addition they state that we paid the loans in complete regarding the deadline – which used to do, then again had to reloan immediately on a monthly basis for nearly 4 years.

Must I simply accept the fight or response on, allowing for my loans? Many Many Thanks

martin bonnet says

from the things I have actually heard battle on they will certainly produce a offer im sure

Julia Cook says

Hello i’m beginning in the begginning as never ever had the courage to achieve this up to now please just tell mehow to begin with Pound to cover Day do we deal direct with Northway Finance in the first place

absolute best desires everyone else

You need to e-mail complaints@northway monetary to start out the ball rolling. Explain your problem and get for a statement that is full of and present them as much information as you possibly can ie your name, target and any loan details etc. regrettably Northway frequently ignore a lot of people therefore then after a couple weeks you need to escalate the grievance to OAFS Malta (google it).

The Hitman says

Hi all, am I correct in saying to lodge a problem in Malta it requires to be performed by post? ( maybe Not e-mail)

I’m maybe perhaps not certain that anybody responded you already you’ve asked the question that is same times. Yes, you’ll want to send the signed original kind by post, deliver the re re payment of €25, all supporting documents such as for example credit file, bank statements may be delivered by e-mail.

Hi dudes, I contacted Northway in order to make complete send me offer around ВЈ900. we took away 21 loan with best online installment loans in Virginia all the reck up interest of over ВЈ8000. reject the initial offer delivered me an offer today ВЈ1500 i’ve refused this as i believe it to low. I’ve delivered my kind of to OAFS has anybody had any luck using them? I’m I doing the right thing?

I am aware it is perhaps perhaps perhaps not included in British but have actually i acquired any opportunity at all with Pounds till Payday with loans over 6 years of age? We borrowed for 30 months in line, almost all max that is being your day after repaying the initial, across 2008-2009-2010 We asked for old bank statements which may have simply arrived and including is frightening but total borrowing was circa £19k and repaid circa £23k – total charges paid back simply over £4k. We will submit my issue anyhow but I’m reasoning i’ve got next to no possibility?

They will have told me answer that is final a no. I had 43 loans every for nearly 4 years but they said as it’s pre 2011 there was no requirement to do affordability checks month

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